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STAHLWERK IS THE LEADER in Premium CNC technology. We offer CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Drilling and CNC Cutting machines.

STAHLWERK combines German and Korean engineering traditions

STAHLWERK is the result of a long tradition of German and Korean
mechanical engineering skills.

Behind STAHLWERK stands Korea's most renowned machine tool manufacturer. This ensures superior quality and machine reliability.

STAHLWERK includes 6 series for a perfectly rounded portfolio of premium CNC machines to fit every need and level - from compact turning centers for small parts manufacturing and heavy-duty lathes for petrochemical applications and machining centers with up to 5 simultaneous controlled axis for die and mold construction.
With various options, every machine can be customized with the assistance of trained project teams to meet specific customer requirement.

Additional automation solutions reduce the time needed for tooling, setup, and control and ensure optimum machine utilization. For businesses this means increased capacity, more competitiveness and access to new resources.

Experienced STAHLWERK project teams will support you during the whole process: from the planning stage to implementation and beyond. Our Premium Service is available to help customers all over the world.

  • Large machine selection - various options for each machine available
  • Machine design customized to meet your specific needs
  • Increased efficiency due to additional Automation solutions
  • STAHLWERK Project Teams will accompany you from the planning stage to implementation
  • Every machine comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Premium Service worldwide

STAHLWERK Options to improve your possibilities way beyond the standard and far ahead of the CNC competition.
Premium CNC Machines that fit your needs: CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Drilling and CNC-Cutting.
STAHLWERK Automation: Your efficiency improvements matter. Take your CNC Machining to the next level with Stahlwerk.
Use technology the modern way and gain efficiency using premium CNC Equipment.
STAHLWERK Quality is based upon the extensive experience of KNUTH and our Korean Partners.
Precise CNC Machining: The cornerstone of PREMIUM CNC Machining Technology!
STAHLWERK Service: Powered by KNUTH Machine Tools
Stahlwerk is your reliable source for high-quality CNC machines.